Growing Economy

The DRC is a giant awakening. Due to it’s potential and combining all the factors including the emerging markets multiple opportunities and the young demographics, the Democratic Republic of Congo is  one of the fastest growing countries in the world. Get on it now.

Stable Environment

Beyond the troubling media headlines and the reminders of a bloody past, the country’s economy is performing almost unscathed. Except for a slump in 2009, when the economy grew by only 2.8%, economic growth has averaged 7.7% over the last five years


The past decade has seen a tremendous growth in the population of the DRC. The next 30 years will see these numbers double again. With many of the Congolese Diaspora returning home, land development is a huge opportunity in the DRC and there is enough space to do so.

Strategic Location

The Democratic Republic of Congo is the heart of Africa. With beautiful weather, landscape, coastal lines and the most arable soil. With it’s welcoming and friendly, population of over 71 million, 6 times the size of Germany, the DRC is one of the best place in Africa to invest in properties.

Best Environment and Timing

There has never been a better time to invest in properties in the DR.Congo than now

People looking to doing business in the Democratic Republic of Congo will find the Congolese to be friendly and welcoming. They generally take pride in their work and are hard working.

The Government is extremely supportive of all form of economic developments and welcome national and international investors.

Lifetime Investment Planning

Digital platforms are created additional opportunities for property investors,  unlocking potential revenue streams. This market is offering lucrative rental yields without the need to secure long-term leases.

With all the movements, the African property market is also catching up to this property digitalisation. The rise of the sharing economy is also a factor. As the Democratic republic of Congo’s economy continue to grow, investing now is for a lifetime.

Funding Opportunities For Property Development

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